Class Cancellations

Just a reminder to everyone during this season of snow/ice delays and closures-
If Christ the King School or Richland School District is on a delay (of any kind) then morning bible study classes are cancelled.
If schools are closed for the day, then all bible studies are cancelled for the day, morning and night. If you are unsure about whether or not your bible study class is cancelled or not, please call Meggin Sanner at 541-571-8402.
Also, it is possible that conditions worsen throughout the day and only the night classes will get cancelled. Please check on here, on our facebook page or call the number above if you are unsure if classes that night are being held or not.
As always, if you do not feel comfortable driving on the roads, then please stay safe and stay home. We will make every effort to get you caught up on your bible study if you miss a class.

Author: Christ the King Adult Religious Education

Christ the King Parish of Richland, WA has a vast array of opportunities for continued adult faith development and spiritual growth in Christian discipleship. No matter where people are in their journey towards the Lord, there is something for everyone at Christ the King Parish, including: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Adult Bible Studies, classes on the Catholic Faith, programs for returning Catholics, Young Adult Ministry, the Surviving Divorce program, Coming Home for returning Catholics, parish missions and retreats, parenting resources, information on Christian apologetics, etc. Bible studies, which are generally published by Little Rock, Ascension Press, or Word on Fire, average from 8-10 weeks long and are offered both in the mornings and evenings for your convenience. For more information regarding ongoing formation opportunities for adults, or to give us feedback on what you'd like to see offered at the parish to help you on your faith journey, please send us a message through our "Contact" link or send an email to

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