Fall 2019 Adult Bible Study Registration – NOW OPEN!

This fall we will be offering the following classes:


  • Psalms: The School of Prayer – Tuesdays, Sept. 24-Dec. 10, 2019; 9-11 a.m. ($30)
  • Moms’ Bible Study Group – Tuesdays beginning September 24th and running through the school year ($TBD)
  • The Spirituality of Paul – Wednesdays, Sept. 25-Nov. 6, 2019; 9-11 a.m. ($20)
  • 15 Days of Prayer with St. Louis de Montfort – Thursdays, Aug. 29-Dec. 12, 2019; 9-11 a.m. ($15)


  • Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come – Tuesdays, Sept. 10-Dec. 10, 2019; 7-9 p.m. ($30)
  • Matthew: The King and His Kingdom – Tuesdays, Sept. 17, 2019-Apr. 14, 2020 (FULL YEAR); 6:30-8:30 p.m. ($40)
  • Great Adventure Bible Timeline – Thursdays, Sept. 5, 2019-Mar. 26, 2020 (FULL YEAR); 6:30-8:30 p.m. ($45)
  • *** NEWLY ADDED *** Bishop Barron: Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues – Thursdays, Sept. 26 – Oct. 24th; 6:30-8:30 p.m. ($20)

If you would like to register, please fill out this form CLICK HERE (or pick up a form in the narthex or parish office) and bring to the parish office at least three weeks before the class begins to ensure you get your materials by the first day of class.

It is preferred that payment is made on the first day of class when you pick up your materials.  Unfortunately, we will not have the materials available for pick up before classes begin.

If you should have any questions, you can email Gretchen until July 30th at Gretchen@ckparish.org.  Otherwise, Sheila LaSalle will be your new contact person.  After July 31st, her email will be Sheila@ckparish.org.  The office phone number remains the same:  (509) 940-1021.

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** PREVIEW ** FALL 2019 Bible Studies

Click HERE for a preliminary 2019 FALL Bible Study registration form.  It will be officially released in June but for those of you who would like to get a jump start, you may register now (and pay later).

More classes are in the works so look for an updated form next month if you are interested in our additional offerings.

Bible Studies Reg Form F2019:  https://ckadultre.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/bible-studies-reg-form-f2019.pdf


Here’s your chance to be heard!

Hot off the virtual presses…A new survey on Bible studies at CK!

If you have a spare 3 minutes, would you consider taking a survey which will shape the the type, topics, and scheduling of future Bible studies at the parish?  To access the survey, please click the link below:



New online Bible study available for Lent!

If you are looking for a way to grow closer to Jesus this Lenten season but lack the opportunity to join a regular weekly Bible study, we have just set up an online Lenten class for Ascension Press’ latest study:  No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion.  

Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a five-part video series and full-length book that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Best-selling author Edward Sri guides you through the last hours of Christ’s life in this biblical pilgrimage.

While taking this study or reading this book, you will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Mount of Calvary.

Every step of the way, biblical experts reveal how Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death.

With these insights, Catholics can come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love—drawing closer to Jesus than ever have before.

Authored and presented by Edward Sri, No Greater Love also features: Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, Jennifer Fulwiler, Curtis Martin, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Josh Johnson, and Elizabeth Sri.

Jesus doesn’t want our applause. He wants our hearts. Are you ready to draw closer to Jesus in his passion than you ever have before?

Discussions for this study will be facilitated directly from a moderated thread on the class page at Ascension Press.  Though we recommend viewing the videos on the Fridays leading up to Good Friday, there is no specific time commitment; you can watch the videos, post a comment, or complete the workbook activities at any time that is convenient for you.  If you are an individual, a couple, a family, or a small group, this format is perfect for studying together without ever having make the trek to the church!

To register and purchase materials for this study, please visit:  https://ascensionpress.com/studies/38149/registrations/new. If you have not already created an account at Ascension Press, you will be directed to do so before you will be able to purchase the STUDY PACK in order to participate in this study.  

If you have any questions, please email gretchen@ckparish.org.

Class on Bishop Barron’s “THE MASS” – Seats still available!

We still have seats available for the class on Bishop Barron’s The Mass beginning April 2nd!

In this 7-week class, you will walk through the liturgy with Bishop Barron and you’ll be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Bishop Barron’s “The Mass” will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life.

Please register by emailing gretchen@ckparish.org or calling (509) 940-1021.  The class costs $25 and materials will be available on the first day of class.  Scholarships are available.

Class meets in the Church – Children’s Chapel, Tuesdays, 9:00-11:00 a.m. April 2-May 21 (no class on April 16th due to Holy Week)

More events cancelled for Wednesday, Feb. 27th

Due to the inclement weather, the following events at CK Parish have been cancelled for the day:

  • Adult Bible studies
  • CK Moms Group
  • KPG Choir
  • Choir
  • Elementary and Middle School religious education
  • LifeTeen Bible study

Stay safe and warm!

Spots still available!

We still have room in the upcoming study of Matthew Kelly’s book, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, which begins this Monday, March 4th.  This 4-6 week study (depending on the discussions) will be held from 9-11 a.m. in the Youth Center, Main Level, Room D.  Cost is $10.  Come join us and discover what this “big lie” is!

***Events CANCELLED for February 13th***

Due to expected freezing rain overnight and continued road hazards, the following events for Adult Religious Education have been cancelled for tomorrow, February 13, 2019:

  • The Wild Goose study (please watch segments 11 & 12 from home on FORMED.org)
  • Mom’s Prayer group

Thank you for your continued patience.  If you have to travel anywhere, we are praying for your safety!