More events cancelled for Wednesday, Feb. 27th

Due to the inclement weather, the following events at CK Parish have been cancelled for the day:

  • Adult Bible studies
  • CK Moms Group
  • KPG Choir
  • Choir
  • Elementary and Middle School religious education
  • LifeTeen Bible study

Stay safe and warm!

***Events CANCELLED for February 13th***

Due to expected freezing rain overnight and continued road hazards, the following events for Adult Religious Education have been cancelled for tomorrow, February 13, 2019:

  • The Wild Goose study (please watch segments 11 & 12 from home on
  • Mom’s Prayer group

Thank you for your continued patience.  If you have to travel anywhere, we are praying for your safety!

TriCities Catholic MOMs

TriCities Catholic MOMs networks among all our parishes to create a loving and responsive community for our young families.  We invite you to connect beyond Facebook! Texts, phone calls and emails are very useful when planning and participating in play dates, adult socials, meal trains, and 911 support requests from PREPARES  (Pregnancy and Parenting Support). Upon sharing your contact details, you will receive a link our TriCities Catholic MOMs list, which is intended to help you form tight friendship bonds with each other. Occasionally, you could receive group emails or texts with MOMs event reminders or outreach requests from PREPARES. (You can opt out, too.)  If you want to be fully connected with  awesome Catholic families, visit

The Babies Are Coming, The Babies Are Coming!



The Babies Are Coming, The Babies Are Coming! TriCities Catholic MOMs seeks a Volunteer Meal Train Coordinator who enjoys networking, inspiring and nurturing.


This role is not very time-consuming but very impactful. Just have to create and post social media meal trains for our baby mamas. Please consider being TriCities Catholic MOMs’ Meal Train Coordinator. We serve our friends and women, some of whom need extraordinary support.

Do you feel called to this role? Please PM (@tricitiescatholicmoms), text or call Lindy at 808-489-3848.