Time for Lent!

Lent is here and there are so many things that we can do to better ourselves and to really enter into the spirit of Lent as we are called to do every year.

Here at Christ the King we have numerous opportunities to avail yourself not only of the sacraments, but fellowship, learning and guidance during the season of Lent.

Daily Mass is offered at 6:30am, 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Every Friday during Lent– Mass at 5:30pm, Soup Supper at 6pm and Stations of the Cross at 6:454pm (with Confessions) and Benediction afterwards

Confessions are offered at 2:30pm on Saturdays, until Daylight Savings Time, then they return to their normal time of 3:30pm.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is on Fridays from 8:30am to 5pm and on Sundays from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

There are also two Bible Studies starting next week that would be perfect for Lent. Both are in the mornings. One is on the Gospel of John, “Follow Me”, by Dr. Edward Sri and is offered on Tuesday Mornings, 9am to 11am. The other is the “Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus Christ” offered by the Little Rock Scripture Study and is on Wednesdays, 9am to 11am. Both studies will start up the first week of March. Please contact Meggin Sanner at 541-571-8402 or e-mail at ckadultre@gmail.com if you are interested in taking either study as books will need to be ordered.


New online Bible study available for Lent!

If you are looking for a way to grow closer to Jesus this Lenten season but lack the opportunity to join a regular weekly Bible study, we have just set up an online Lenten class for Ascension Press’ latest study:  No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion.  

Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a five-part video series and full-length book that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Best-selling author Edward Sri guides you through the last hours of Christ’s life in this biblical pilgrimage.

While taking this study or reading this book, you will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Mount of Calvary.

Every step of the way, biblical experts reveal how Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death.

With these insights, Catholics can come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love—drawing closer to Jesus than ever have before.

Authored and presented by Edward Sri, No Greater Love also features: Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, Jennifer Fulwiler, Curtis Martin, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Josh Johnson, and Elizabeth Sri.

Jesus doesn’t want our applause. He wants our hearts. Are you ready to draw closer to Jesus in his passion than you ever have before?

Discussions for this study will be facilitated directly from a moderated thread on the class page at Ascension Press.  Though we recommend viewing the videos on the Fridays leading up to Good Friday, there is no specific time commitment; you can watch the videos, post a comment, or complete the workbook activities at any time that is convenient for you.  If you are an individual, a couple, a family, or a small group, this format is perfect for studying together without ever having make the trek to the church!

To register and purchase materials for this study, please visit:  https://ascensionpress.com/studies/38149/registrations/new. If you have not already created an account at Ascension Press, you will be directed to do so before you will be able to purchase the STUDY PACK in order to participate in this study.  

If you have any questions, please email gretchen@ckparish.org.

Parish Lenten Mission with Fr. Larre

The parish mission with Fr. Larre is only a week and a half away!  Here are some suggestions from Fr. Larre’s team to help you get the most out of your experience:

Suggestions for a More Successful Mission at Christ the King Parish, Richland WA

  1. First, we need each person to become a Missionary! Everyone must pray and sacrifice for the success of the parish mission. Pray in particular for our people who are not attending Mass, those who are living together and still not married and those who have little children who are still not baptized. Prayer is urgently needed because only the Holy Spirit can touch people’s hearts and bring them closer to Jesus and closer to each other.
  2. Take this opportunity to go to Confession. There will be Confessions before and after the Sunday Masses and each day Monday to Thursday (March 25th to March 28th) 12 noon to 1 pm, 4 pm to 6:25 pm & after the Evening Talk.
  3. Each day, Monday to Thursday, there will be the Rosary at 6 pm, Mass at 6:30 pm and the Mission Talk at 7:00 pm. 
  4. If at all possible, come to all four nights of the mission. Make this your sacrifice to win souls for Christ. If you can only make it to the Mass, come to the Mass at 6:30 pm. We need your prayers. But if you can only make it to the Mission Talk at 7:00 pm, come to the Talk. Take in as much of the Mission as you possibly can. Each evening the Mission will end by 8:30 pm.
  5. It is good to offer rides to seniors, people who have no vehicle, or anyone who finds it difficult to drive at night. The Knights of Columbus, or any other parish organizations often pitch in to help with transportation.
  6. On Monday to Thursday evenings there will be some thanksgiving offering envelopes in all the pews. Place your donation envelops in the special wooden boxes at the back of the Church. You may make your offering any night you wish. To receive an income tax receipt, make cheques payable to your Christ the King Parish. Father Larre and staff members all work as volunteers. Your donations will pay expenses and the rest will be used to help poor children.
  7. On Wednesday evening we will have a first class relic of St. John Bosco. He is the great patron of children and adolescents. This relic is very precious because it contains some of the very flesh of the body of St. John Bosco. The relic will be passed from person to person in a special locket during the evening. You may hold the relic in your hand for a few moments and ask St. John Bosco to pray for your children & adolescents. On Thursday evening we will also have a first class relic of St. Maria Goretti. She is the patroness of purity and chastity for the universal Church.
  8. Remember everyone is welcome to attend the parish mission regardless of age, or religion. Be a good Missionary and invite someone to come to the mission with you. Don’t pressure, or argue, with people to come, but invite them. Nobody is insulted, or hurt, by an invitation. Remember research shows that “82% of fallen-away Catholics would consider coming back to the Catholic Church if somebody invited them”.  Unfortunately, only 2% of us ever take the time to invite them. Simply invite them by saying, “Hey guess what, we’re having a parish mission at our parish. Would you like to come?  I could pick you up with the car and we can sit together in Church”.  Often giving people a ride and sitting with them in Church gives them the emotional support and security they need to come to the mission. The Holy Spirit will take care of the rest!
  9. Keep in mind that the success of the parish mission depends entirely on prayer and sacrifice. Begin praying everyday asking the Holy Spirit to bring people back to the Church and back to the Sacraments. Then do everything possible to sacrifice, i.e. do something difficult for the love of Jesus to bring people closer to Jesus and closer to each other. A wonderful sacrifice will be to come to the parish mission everyday and win souls for Christ.
  10. Each and every one of our parishioners must become a Missionary to win souls for Christ. You are not expected to stand on street corners, peddle books from door to door, or go to a foreign country. But you must pray hard, sacrifice, give good example and love the people around you. Invite them to come to the mission with you. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.  Remember the parish mission begins at the Sunday, Mar. 23rd and ends Thursday evening, Mar. 28th. Thank you for your good help and may God bless you and keep you always!!

 Lovingly in Christ,

Father Larre

Lenten Resources on our FORMED Community Page!

For quick references to the FORMED resources we recommend for Lent, check out our Community Page discussion group.  Sign into FORMED and click on the “COMMUNITY” link on the top of the page.  The Lent resources will appear on the right.  It looks like this:

Lent group on FORMED

Click on the “Visit Group” link on top of the Lent Resources banner.  Once in the discussion group, select which resource you’d like to view by clicking where it says “Session 19” which will pull down a menu of offerings.  It looks like this:

group selection

If you have any questions about accessing the discussion group, please contact the Adult Religious Education office.


K of C Lenten Novena – Our priests need your prayers!

The Knights of Columbus in Tennessee have made available a Lenten novena specifically geared toward praying for our priests.  The Handmaids of the Precious Blood for Christ in His Priest have a good post about this particular apostolate (HERE).  Please consider adding this novena to your Lenten practices of Prayer – Fasting – Almsgiving.