SPOTLIGHT ON: Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor on matters related to the finances of the parish. This committee prepares the annual budget and monitors performance in comparison to the budget on a monthly basis. The committee provides liaison to the Parish Council on the financial condition of the parish, and it provides oversight of the school finances.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council represents the parish community as a whole and serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor. The mission of the council is to enhance a sense of spirit and community within the parish, and to foster a greater sense of belonging within the body of Christ.

In addition, the council organizes the Parish Ministry Fair to provide parishioners an opportunity to become familiar with or better acquainted with the various organizations/ministries within the parish. The Ministry Fair is staffed by one or two members of each ministry who are available to answer questions and encourage more volunteers to participate.

The council also organizes the Sharing Tree at Christmas time. Through the Sharing Tree, parishioners provide gifts and toiletries for those in need. All ages can participate in this program.

Please contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Coming Home – A Program for Returning Catholics

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Coming Home is a program for adults returning to the Catholic Church.  It is intended to be a journey of sharing together in the rediscovery (or discovery) of the true roots of the Catholic faith:  a loving and forgiving God.  Some people have left the Church because of alienation, hurt, or broad dissatisfaction.  The reasons are as varied as those who have left the Church.

Coming Home offers a loving hand and ear, with eight weekly meetings, beginning in January.  Together, people travel through the process of understanding the Catholic faith and finding the merciful, caring Father who is our God.  The inquiry sessions and updates on church teaching facilitate re-entry into the Church.

For more information, call Gretchen at the parish office (946-1675).

SPOTLIGHT ON: Gardening for God

The ministry of Gardening for God plants and maintains the flower bed at the entrance to the church, providing a welcoming entrance to the church. The ministry also cares for the Mary Garden, providing a peaceful place for contemplation.

Volunteers plant and maintain a flower garden in the space on Stevens Drive during the warmer months, and provide care for non-vegetation during the winter months. In the Mary Garden, volunteers prune bushes during the growing season, care for the rose garden, plant flowers in large pots near the statue, and perform general yard maintenance for the entire area, including watering. The ministry is open to youth through adult volunteers.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Funeral Lunches

After the death of a parishioner, the parish office contacts the family and offers to provide food for the family and guests following the service. The food, typically a lunch, is served in the Gathering Space following the funeral or memorial service. The parish provides the meats, bread, coffee, punch, plates, cups and eating utensils. Volunteers participating in this ministry are contacted and asked to provide salads, desserts, and relish plates. Volunteers also have the opportunity to serve the food and clean up following the event. This ministry is open to youth through adult volunteers. Anyone interested in assisting with Funeral Lunches is encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Christ the King Quilters


Christ the King Quilters meets each Thursday morning from 8:30 to 11:30 in the Bride’s Room, which is located off of the Gathering Space. There are some sewing machines available for general use, or people can bring their own machines to use.

The goal of the Quilters is to provide quilts for charity. The group makes tied lap quilts for Hospice, Catholic Family Services Elder Care, and some other organizations when needed. The Quilters group also makes the raffle quilt for Sausage Fest each year, as well as for other organizations’ gala events, such as Tri Cities Prep, Red Cross, the Neurological Center, St. Pat’s, to name a few.

The Quilters group is open to any adult or youth interested in quilting for charity. The group accepts donations of fabric, thread and batting. There are no dues.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Catholic Christian Jail Ministry

In 2009, Christ the King Parish, through Deacons Mikhail Alnajjar and Al Rizzo, instituted a much-needed outreach ministry program to visit inmates at the Benton County Jail. Some inmates who attend the group discussions are Catholics; all are interested in learning about the Catholic faith and Christianity in general. They are wounded, hurting, and in need of spiritual healing. Having been ostracized and cast away from ordinary life, the inmates come seeking the Lord Jesus who alone can reconcile and make new. At present, the team visits male inmates, with hopes that in the future the team can expand the outreach to adult females and juvenile inmates.

Let us not forget that Jesus himself was incarcerated during His life on earth, and, if we look hard enough, He can still be found in the jail.

Most inmates come from broken or non-existent homes, and from their early years live a pain-filled existence. As they move into their adult lives, they look for ways to escape the emotional and psychological pain inflicted upon them. Drinking and drugs are a very common escape mechanism, and eventually they start stealing to “feed” their habit. It is the stealing and other illegal activities that usually land them in jail. Another cause of their incarceration is violence. Their pain-filled lives, coupled with drugs, make them easy prey to violence. It is their pain and spiritual emptiness that draws them to search for God.

This ministry’s message of faith, hope, love, healing, forgiveness, and redemption in this life resonates with a very deep need in their spirits. Those who attend the group sessions commonly reach out to experience God, and it deepens the team’s faith experience to see God responding to their spiritual needs. Psalm 34 reminds us that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and as members of the jail ministry team, it is indeed a privilege to see the Lord visibly fulfilling His Word. As the psalmist says, God will not spurn the contrite and humbled.

Anyone interested in joining the team and would like more information about this life-giving ministry, please contact Deacon Mikhail Alnajjar at the parish office (946-1675).


SPOTLIGHT ON: Angel of Mercy Fund

The Angel of Mercy Fund, administered by the pastor, provides help for parishioners in real financial need.  The fund is supported by the parish.  Potential applicants make their appeal directly to the pastor.

Donations are always needed to replenish funds used for emergency aid.  Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the Angels of Mercy Find should designate that on their check or donation envelope.

Please contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Serra Club and Vocations Committee

serralgThe Serra Club of the Tri-Cities involves members from six local parishes.  The main objectives are to foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood and all religious vocations in the church.

The Serra Club of the Tri-Cities works closely with the Vocations Committee of Christ the King Parish.  The goal of the Vocations Committee is to increase awareness for religious vocations through prayer in our parish.

The Serra Club and the Vocation Committee are open to all adults and youth who have a desire to foster religious vocation through prayer.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Prayer Chain


If you need prayers for anything – healing, difficult relationships, for example – the prayer chain can help.  Prayer chain requests are passes along to the prayer chain group who then pray individually for your intentions.  This ministry is open to all adults and youth.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.