Sis-BOOM-Ahhh! It’s FIREWORKS time!

Please help support the teens of Christ the King on their summer mission trip by purchasing your Fourth of July fireworks from one of their downtown Richland stands:

  • Griggs Ace Hardware on George Washington Way
  • The old Albertson’s on Lee Blvd.

The stand will be open tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th through July 4th.  Be sure to look for the white FACTORY OUTLET FIREWORKS” stand in front of Tommy’s Taproom (not the TNT stand on the corner).

See you there!

The Babies Are Coming, The Babies Are Coming!



The Babies Are Coming, The Babies Are Coming! TriCities Catholic MOMs seeks a Volunteer Meal Train Coordinator who enjoys networking, inspiring and nurturing.


This role is not very time-consuming but very impactful. Just have to create and post social media meal trains for our baby mamas. Please consider being TriCities Catholic MOMs’ Meal Train Coordinator. We serve our friends and women, some of whom need extraordinary support.

Do you feel called to this role? Please PM (@tricitiescatholicmoms), text or call Lindy at 808-489-3848.