Have you been away from the Church? Or are you coming to Church and don’t feel like you are able to fully participate? Then we invite you to join us for our Coming Home Program here at Christ the King. There you will be able to learn, listen and ask any questions that you may have about your Catholic Faith in a judgment-free, kind and respectful environment.

There will be an Information Night on January 20, 2020 in the Youth Center on Long St. It will be in the Lower Level (back door), Room B. After that, our 8-week sessions will start up, each week covering a different topic about the Catholic Faith.  Information brochures may be obtained at Christ the King Church or by contacting Meggin Sanner at

***Coming Home CANCELLED February 25th due to inclement weather and worsening road conditions***

As you know, two of our sessions were cancelled due to inclement weather.  We are hoping to reschedule the the session “The Church: What, When, Where, and Why?” to a later date.  However, the session – “Who Is Jesus?” – has been uploaded as a video recording of the PowerPoint presentation below.  Click the play button to launch the video. (A handout for the presentation can be downloaded and printed from HERE.)

To fill out the COMING HOME 2019 Information Night Survey, click HERE.

This program is intended to be a journey of sharing together in the discovery of the true roots of our faith: a loving and forgiving God.  Together we will travel through the process of understanding our Catholic faith and finding the merciful, caring Father who is our God.

The program, originally designed for people re-entering the church, is open to everyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith…even faithful pew sitters and Bible study enthusiasts!

You are welcome to join at any time, as well as attend the topics that really interest you. The schedule is as follows:

January 28:  Faith and Doubt
February 4: Who is Jesus?  ***CANCELLED***
February 11: The Church: What, When, Where, and Why? ***CANCELLED***
February 18: OFF – Presidents Day
February 25: Prayer, Mary, and the Saints  ***CANCELLED***
March 4: The Eucharist and the Mass
March 11: Marriage and Annulments
March 18: Sexuality
March 25: PARISH MISSION with Fr. Larre
April 1: Reconciliation

For more information please call (509) 946-1675 or email: